8 Week Session
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The basics of gymnastics are taught with time spent on the Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. Rec 1 gymnasts will learn headstands, handstands, cartwheels, backbends and kickovers on floor. Pullovers, casts, and hip circles on bars as well as variations of balance and bravery on beam. Proper running, hurdling, and jumping will be the focus on vault. In addition to their event specific skills, these gymnasts will be learning proper terminology, flexibility, and strength.

*Instructor Placement Required*

The basics of gymnastics continue with time spent on all four events as we perfect and build on the skills learned in Rec 1. Rec 2 gymnasts will learn walkovers and begin handsprings on floor, stride circles and sole circle on bars as well as variations of balance and tumbling on beam and flat backs and handspring on vault. Gymnasts will also continue to get stronger and more flexible.

*Instructor Placement Required*

This is an advanced level gymnastics class where gymnasts have perfected all of the skills and strength required in Rec 1 & 2. These classes are the last step before being invited to join a TGA team, so they will be learning connecting tumbling, connecting bar skills, beam series', and bigger, braver skills on all events.

*Coming Winter 2024 (previously MS Rec*

This is an intermediate level class where gymnasts ages 9 and up and wish to be in a class with girls their age. Like Rec 3 this class is a step before being invited to a TGA team and focusses on skill building and strength as well as fostering a team like atmosphere.

This class will focus on beginner Floor tumbling skills; Handstands, Pirouettes, Walkovers, Handsprings, and begining Tucks. Perfect for the gymnast looking to focus a little more on these skills or for the dancer/cheerleader looking to improve their tumbling skills. (this is not a beginner level class, all tumblers must have prior experience to join)


Motor skills and fine motor skills continue to develop. Children will use Mini gym equipment. Children will participate without parental assistance. In addition to gymnastics, your toddler will learn to make friends, take turns, and follow directions all on their own.

This class is designed for children attending Pre-K / Kindergarten and is more skill oriented. Much like our Rec 1 class, gymnasts will focus on motor skills through gymnastics. They will gain a bit of independence, become more self-confident, and enhance their physical abilities.


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