There is no doubt that joining the team is a significant commitment of time, effort and money.  Is it worth it? Most parents will say that other than family life, team involvement becomes the most significant event in their child’s life. Besides the obvious physical benefits, those children who become involved in team rarely accept negative influences into their lives.  They learn self-discipline, how to work closely as a member of a team, how to handle themselves in a variety of situations and how to prioritize and manage their time.  Team kids are almost always excellent students.   Team is year round, but the competition season is September-March.
The foundation of our team program is pre-team. The purpose of this program is to prepare young athletes for future competition improving strength, flexibility, confidence, and skills. Gymnasts are hand-selected and evaluated for this program based on many factors including their attitude, work ethic, desire, strength, and flexibility. Time commitment required is 4 hours per week. The developmental team is used as an introduction to the competitive program. Pre-made routines, where all gymnasts perform the same routine, are competed on all four events. Time commitment required is 4 hours per week, but gymnasts can train up to 6 hours per week. These gymnasts no longer compete with pre-made routines. The gymnasts will begin performing bigger skills designed specifically for the individual athlete. Time commitment required is 6 hours per week, but gymnasts can train up to 9 hours per week. Girls in grades 9-12 at Tecumseh, Clinton, or Columbia Central High School are invited to join the Varsity team. Competition season is from October-March. Gymnasts train 5-6 days per week (10-12 hours per week) with 1-3 competitions per week accross the state of Michigan.
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